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The cornerstone of society’s progress

Education has been at the center of all the Barrié Foundation’s activities since its inception. Pedro Barrié himself determined that the shortcomings in this sector were a primary factor hindering economic development. Thus (and in step with an increasingly sophisticated society) the foundation’s initial efforts focused at first on material improvements, such as the creation of educational infrastructure in engineering and architecture, fields that were considered at the time strategically important to development.



  • 2,546

    Alumnos y profesores de toda Galicia participan en PITEAS, programa de formación y mentoring para el desarrollo del talento basado en la filosofía SEM.

  • 15,352

    Becas de estudios concedidas desde 1968. 10 en 2017

  • 214,931

    Alumnos han participado en actividades educativas desde 1968 / 8.185 en 2017

  • 988

    Becarios componen la Asociación de Becarios Fundación Barrié.